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Margaret Nunnelly

Margaret in Mermaid PoseMargaret Nunnelly received her yoga teaching certification from Mama Nirvana's New Yoga, studying under Ruth Anne Lundeberg and Josh Schumer. She is registered through Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level. She is also certified by Paul Grilley as a teacher of Yin Yoga, and has studied with yin yoga pioneers Paulie Zink and Sarah Powers.  She has been a yoga practitioner for many years, and has been teaching in western Massachusetts since 2007. Margaret's classes are presented in an informal leadership style. Her teaching incorporates methodologies from several styles of yoga, and she uses myths, stories, anatomy and personal experience to explain postures in a way that is meant to be technical, historical, and entertaining. Her classes increase concentration, clarity and patience both in yoga and everyday life. She directs students to tune into physical sensations and explore how subtle changes in movement can resonate in a wide variety of outcomes.