Ananda Yoga Studio
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Kristine Downing

Kristine in seated meditationAfter training in Dharamshala, Kristine realized she could take her love for yoga everywhere. She's taught students of all kinds of backgrounds in all kinds of places, including Montreal, Nepal, Denmark and now Western Mass. However, during all these adventures, yoga has also taken Kristine on all kinds of journeys! From using it as a tool to de-stress, to burn calories, to deal with frustrations, to meditate, or just to meet new people, the ever-changing qualities of yoga is what she loves about it. For her, the practice is a means of being kind to oneself, by opening the body and allowing the mind to relax and enjoy. Whether sweating during a heated Vinyasa flow or moving slowly in a gentle sequence, the compassionate practice is what she most hopes to share with her students.