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Christine Texiera

Coming SoonChristine Texiera came to yoga as a less boring cardiovascular exercise alternative to running on the machines at the gym. Starting with an Anusara teacher she got a good foundation of body awareness alignment and breath. She then learned to love the kinetic prayer-like movements in Ashtanga but began to feel neglected in gym-style yoga. Around the time she outgrew the gym she was introduced to Vinyasa and loved the breadth of practice in Bhava. The longer classes and being surrounded with people whose postures were many examples of where the yoga could lead blossomed what she did. Picking up her practice on her own and in class she learned the true magic of yoga wasn’t just in a healthy body but a resilient mind that could handled life’s larger trials. She completed teacher training with Peter Rizzo in Spring 2009 and started teaching immediately after.

Her class offers assists systematically around the room with a voice lead, joyful music chosen to match the energy of the part of the practice. Careful attention is made to sequence a complete and balanced class with most offering vigorous Vinyasa and warm up, a variety of seated poses, twists, balances, arm balances, inversions and the opportunity for full back bends. Classes are designed to challenge anyone who attends while giving space to care for body and mind by skipping, modifying or substituting poses.

Christine is also an avid dancer, enthusiastic foodie and is both artsy and geeky, often combining any of those with something new and fun.