Ananda Yoga Studio
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Frequently Asked Questions

Justine Budhram, owner and director of Ananda Yoga, offers private yoga, mobility, or combination yoga and mobility sessions.

Private yoga sessions will help you:

Design a home yoga or meditation practice.
Fine tune an aspect of your practice.
Ask questions that you aren't able to ask in a group class.
Try yoga as a new practitioner before attending a group class.
Work on a challenging posture.
Learn postures to help open and release a certain area of your body.
Learn practical and easy mindfulness techniques to use throughout your day.
Learn yoga postures that can release tensions from your specific line of work, i.e. computer work.
Learn yoga postures to help with your sport/leisure activity.

Private mobility sessions will help you:

Learn how to use rollers, balls, and a variety of other props to work your own soft tissue, muscles, and fascia.
Learn how to release painful trigger points yourself.
Learn joint mobilizations to restore proper mechanics to your joints.
Resolve nagging pains and discomforts.
Mobilize a restricted or tight area of your body.
Learn how unhealthy patterns of movement in your life create pain and discomfort.
Learn what basic ranges of motion you are missing, and how to regain proper function.
Improve athletic performance by learning proper body mechanics for common athletic movements.
Save money on massages by learning how to self-treat!

Justine offers a free phone consultation before scheduling a private session. Email her at su.agoy-adnana@ofni to schedule your consultation.