Ananda Yoga Studio
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Class Descriptions

yoga blocksGentle Flow Yoga

Suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of flexibility. These classes are slow-paced with a strong focus on proper alignment and breathing. Modifications and props are provided to find a place in every posture for every body. This class is perfect for practitioners of all levels who are looking for a gentle, slow-paced practice.  This class is also great for beginners who want a slow and detailed introduction to yoga.  Class will include gentle flows on a one-breath-per-movement pace, standing, seated and restorative postures.

All Levels Flow Yoga
This class on the midline between Gentle Flow and Power Flow; more challenging than Gentle Flow, but not as fast paced as Power Flow.   All Levels Flow is vinyasa-style practice with a similar format to Power Flow, including sun or moon salutes, standing postures, inversions, seated postures, and surrender postures. This class is great for experienced practitioners who want a challenging practice, but has a slower pace with plenty of instruction and posture modifications offered for less experienced practitioners.  Beginners and all other levels of practitioners are welcome.

Power Flow Yoga
Power Flow Yoga is a vigorous vinyasa-style practice with dynamic movement from one posture to the next using the rhythm of each inhale and exhale.  Classes begin with flowing sun or moon salutes, connecting breath with movement to warm and invigorate the body, then continue with standing postures to build strength and balance, seated postures and backbends to release the muscles, and surrender postures to restore the mind. Core work, advanced postures, and inversions may be practiced in this class.  Modifications will be offered to make this practice accessible to multiple levels of practitioners.  Practitioners are strongly encouraged to listen to their bodies and take the practice at their own pace.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a passive form of asana practice in which students sink into familiar floor postures for 5-minute intervals. This practice enhances flexibility and balances the flow of energy to organ systems aiming for a deep level of health and wellbeing. Yin Yoga is a yoga practice designed to encourage the muscles to let go.  Rather than engaging muscular strength and the cardiovascular system, yin yoga appropriately and safely exercises the body’s connective tissue.  The asanas (postures) are held for an extended time to provide an opportunity for inner and outer quiet. Yin yoga is suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of flexibility.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga will restore, relax, and renew both body and mind from a busy week. Practitioners will learn to soften the body into comfortable and fully supported poses for an extended period of time, while practicing deep breathing and meditation. Classes will end with a short yoga Nidra or "yoga sleep," allowing the body and mind to be refreshed and renewed. Restorative Yoga is appropriate for all levels of practitioners, including beginners.

Roll and Restore
This fusion class is half yoga and half soft tissue release work. For the first half of the class, participants will use various therapy balls, foam rollers, and other soft tissue tools to help release tension in the body. The second half of class will be seated, surrender, and restorative yoga postures to explore the openness created by the soft tissue work. This class is an amazing way to wind down after a long work day by giving yourself a healthy dose of self-care.

Friday Night by Candlelight
The Friday Night by Candlelight yoga class is a Power Flow Yoga class is lit by candles, creating a warm, comforting space to practice. The darkness invites you to focus inward after a busy work week. Grab some candles to place around your mat, and start your weekend from a space of calmness and peace.

The candles are electric, so no worries for fire hazards or allergies.

Community Yoga
A class labeled "community" is a pay-what-you-can-afford class to make yoga more accessible to anyone who would like to practice. In exchange for taking the yoga class at a discounted rate, practitioners are encouraged help the studio in some other way, i.e. review us online, bring friends, post about us on your social networks, help spread the word about the studio, etc.


About our heat
Classes designated "Hot" are practiced with the room heated to 85-90 degrees. Practicing in a heated room allows the muscles to warm quickly and helps prevent injury, and it also produces a detoxifying sweat. An extra towel and a bottle of water are highly recommended.  We do not add humidity to the room, which allows your sweat to evaporate naturally and keeps you from overheating.  Classes not designated as "Hot" classes have a room temperature between 75-80 degrees, allowing your body to naturally heat from the inside out as you move and flow with your breath.